Swatches: Glitter Gal Australia Holographic Nude

My friend Krystal got this nail polish for me for my birthday. I had been looking for a sparkly nude polish (I was originally looking at butter LONDON’s All Hail the Queen), and I came across this polish called Glitter Gal Australia Holographic Nude.

glitter gal australia holographic nude indirect light

It looks mellow and unassuming in most lights. It’s shiny with a hint of color, but mostly sheer. Office appropriate.

But catch it at the right angle in direct sunlight…

glitter gal australia holographic nude sunlight

Pretty rainbow sparkly gorgeousness!

Oh, you want to see a close up (with my poor dry cuticles)? Sure!!

glitter gal australia holographic nude close up

You’re welcome.

When I wear this, I feel polished and put together with a sprinkle of fun. Like a classy lady in an impeccable business suit wearing red stiletto heels.

Just did a bit of Googling and came across this stunning holo gradient on Sparkly Vernis. I’m going to try that trick of layering a foundation base color, because while I love this color, I really wish it were opaque enough to cover my nail line.

May 2014 empties

I’ve come to the realization that one of the pitfalls that prevent me from blogging consistently is that I have this habit of taking pictures for posts… and then, nothing. I procrastinate on going through them to find the ones I want use, then cropping and resizing them, then uploading them, then typing some words about it, then hitting the schedule button. Is it hard? No. But I avoid and procrastinate on even simpler things, like taking a shower every day, so it’s really not that surprising.

Which is why my May empties post is only going up now, and the end of June is right around the corner!

may2014 empties

The Body Shop shea body butter (mini) – I used this as a hand cream when I was still working at the bar. I’d wash my hands constantly, and I compulsively moisturize afterward. I had a larger tub of the shea body butter, and I scooped some in here because it’s a really good travel size.

The Body Shop peppermint smoothing pumice foot scrub – I quite like this foot scrub. The pumice bits are small  so it’s not super scrubby. If you have really dry, rough patches, you’ll probably need to soak them first and use a heavy duty foot file to get it all off. But this works well to smooth away the dead skin cells on the surface of the feet. It smells nice too.

may2014 empties 2

Sephora perfecting ultra-smoothing primer (sample) – I used it a couple times and squeezed the rest into a sample pot because I hate these little sachet things. I don’t notice if primer really does anything, and to be frank, I don’t really give a shit if my makeup stays on all day or not. I use very little foundation anyway, so I’ve never had any problems with it melting off. It just kind of disappears throughout the day, and the only way I notice is when I use a makeup wipe at the end of the day, and there isn’t much left on my face. I literally never touch up my makeup. This is really long-winded and unnecessary and boring. TL;DR I don’t care for face primers. So I didn’t actually finish this sample, I just threw it away because I don’t care.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mini mascara – From Sephora’s birthday gift this year. It was a decent mascara, but it tended to smudge. Not sure if it was because I wore it a lot while I was also wearing glasses a lot.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliners in 12L and 21L – I bought this as part of a set. They’re actually quite decent eyeliners, similar to Urban Decay’s, but I prefer UD. These have dried out.

Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof eyeliners in Oil Slick and Graffiti – These have also dried out. I also don’t like the eyeliners with glitter in them.

may2014 empties 3

Eyeshadows I’ve decided to throw away!

The Body Shop eye shimmer in silver – I really liked this at one point and you can actually see the dent I’ve made in it over the years. But I don’t use it anymore, and I don’t see myself using it any time soon, and it’s really old. So, good bye.

Cargo eyeshadow duo from the Mediterranean kit – In retrospect, I bought both the Safari and Mediterranean kits solely for the cute makeup bags. I’ve thrown away both eyeshadow duos (the quality is quite subpar, and I have similar colors in my stash), one blush cracked and fell in the trash, and I’ve already finished the mascaras and lip glosses. I only have the eyeliners and one blush left. Oh well.

Kat Von D Rebekah – I think this was part of the True Romance palette? It’s pretty basic and nothing about it wows me.

Urban Decay in Shattered, Homegrown, Last Call, Roach, Sin, Mildew, Mayhem, Absinthe – Result of ruthless culling of depotted shadows. Most of these are from various Book of Shadows palettes. I was so into them when I first bought them, but then my collection got out of control and now I’m left with way too many eyeshadows I don’t use and nowhere to store them. It feels really good to get rid of unwanted shades. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE some of these colors, but I haven’t touched them in years. Now that it’s confirmed that I will be moving to London, I need to take a good hard look at what I use and what will ultimately make the move with me.

Urban Decay loose shadow in Rockstar – It’s actually quite a pretty color, but only if I have the time and patience to work slowly and pat, pat, pat, and clean up the fall out, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

Smashbox Monarch palette – I waffled SO. HARD. over whether or not to throw this away. I haven’t used it in forever, but the packaging is so elegant. It’s probably my favorite out of any limited edition release. (Probably.) I should have taken a picture of the front of the palette, but it’s long gone now. Here’s a Google image search for it. The colors are also right up my alley. But. It was just taking up space, and I couldn’t think of a way to reuse the packaging, so I finally let it go. I still have the matching blush, and nothing on earth will make me throw that away because blush is my crack. It will console me.

Korres and theBalm are on Hautelook!

I wasn’t going to post about this, but this morning I noticed that the Korres sale has been extended until Monday, so you have the weekend to shop both sales!

theBalm is frequently on Hautelook, and I’ve bought nearly all of my theBalm products through Hautelook. In my humble opinion, I think this brand is highly underrated, especially their lovely blushes!

hautelook thebalm

Korres is rarely on Hautelook. The last time I saw it on sale was around September last year. I remember because I was planning on making an order and I decided to wait until morning to see if I still wanted it (trying to resist impulse purchases!), but the sale had already ended by then! So I waited and waited and waited and now it’s finally back, and the products I wanted to pick up are offered again, so I snapped them up! I bought all of the Cheek Butters, and a Zea Mays powder blush in Natural (influenced by this glowing review on Temptalia).

hautelook korres

I wish I had waited a couple days until theBalm’s sale started, because I could have added a couple things to my cart and not have to pay shipping twice. I really really really want Cindy-Lou Manizer, and it doesn’t help that I keep looking at swatches and reviews.

However, my current financial situation and goal most definitely does not align with throwing money at beauty products I don’t need (at all, ever), so I’m just going to look and sigh wistfully at the pretty pictures on my screen.

Korres ends Monday, June 23 at 8 AM Pacific.
theBalm ends Tuesday, June 24 at 8AM Pacific.

If you want to check out the sale, feel free to use my affiliate link. :) Happy shopping!

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A quick update!

This past Friday (the 13th, lucky!), I got my acceptance letter via email for graduate school!!! I am currently freaking out over how the hell I’m going to afford it, as this university doesn’t participate with US Stafford loans. Cue MASSIVE anxiety.

Beauty related updates: I finally cut my long hair! I traded my long layers for a blunt cut and bangs:


From my Instagram. Before and after picture by my stylist here, from his Instagram. I’ll do a (only slightly) better, more detailed post later, as I did take before pictures before my hair was washed. :P

Also beauty related: I’m trying to grow out my brows. They’re not overly plucked or anything, but I’ve never had them professionally shaped and I want to try threading, so I’m growing them out as much as possible so they have more to work with. The first week or so was hard, but I’m starting to accept my crazy caterpillar brows. It’s been about 3 weeks so far, and I’ve decided to grow them out until August, when I’ll be leaving for London (pending funds. Gah).

So, that’s why I’ve been away for a bit. I’ll be back as soon as I figure out how to fit in blogging time with work, figuring out my finances, and preparing to move halfway across the world. Have I mentioned yet that I’m having a lot of anxiety over this?? What the fuck have I gotten myself into?