FOTD: Jouer Cosmetics Sunday Brunch collection

“You’re dashing out to a Sunday A.M. rendezvous with your favorite girlfriends, wearing your little leather jacket, slimming leggings and chic ballet flats. Now complement that ensemble with a glowing, refreshed complexion. Jouer products have just the right luster to give a natural glow. So, if Sunday Brunch comes a bit too early, at least you can look like you’ve had a full night’s beauty sleep.” – Christina Zilber, Jouer Cosmetics

Well. Occasionally I’ll have to go to a Sunday brunch, but usually it’s with family in a noisy dim sum restaurant. However, I am all-too familiar with that whole “a bit too early” thing. While Chinese restaurants in Chinatown Honolulu aren’t exactly the place to see and be seen when it comes to stylish clothes and impeccable makeup, I like to look nice when I can, if only so I won’t recoil when I catch my reflection in a mirror.

jouer sunday brunch packaging

I’d never heard of Jouer prior to seeing it for sale on Gilt. (personal invite link) If you haven’t heard of Gilt, it’s similar to Hautelook. The brands they sell tend to be more expensive though. However, I’ve found that even though the curated sale ends, most of the time you can still find the item if you search for it. If it’s out of stock, you can put it on your waitlist, and you’ll get an email when it’s available again.

I’ve only purchased from them a couple of times. To me, Gilt’s target demographic is a successful career woman living in New York City who likes crisp designer clothes and lives in an amazing penthouse apartment in Manhattan. So, like me, only totally not.

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Bye-bye, Panda Eyes!

bye bye panda eyes

I have this bad habit of saying I’ll do something, but then never getting around to it. I also leave crap around ALL THE TIME because I tell myself I’ll clean it up “later.” My boyfriend calls them my mountains.

This could very quickly turn into a post littered with self-loathing, with me berating myself over never getting anything done on time and my apparently inability to be a real adult, despite the fact that I’m 27 years old. But I digress. Besides, I never feel any better after a pity party anyway.

The best thing to do is to continue on as if my little hiccups never happened. I rather dropped the ball this weekend when it comes to posts: I had a couple already photographed and planned in my head and all I had to do was to make the time to schedule them in WordPress.

Instead, I went out on Saturday night and stayed out waaay later than intended. I did have a great time catching up with my friends from high school, one of which I rarely see nowadays, but we probably should have called it a night before 1:45 am rolled around.

Then, after a mere 5 hours of sleep, I had to wake up, slightly hungover, and go to work. The store I work in at the mall will be renovating for a month, and we had to go in on Sunday to pack up. This meant lifting heavy boxes ALL DAY. FOR HOURS. Whilst already sleep-deprived and feeling like shit. After that, I had to go to a family dinner. Needless to say, the last couple of days have felt like a complete blur.

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Outfit: Keepin’ it classy

Now that I’ve finally finished that makeup series, it’s time to shake things up a little! I was reading through my blog and I honestly found it boring. All I’ve posted about so far is flash sales and my monthly empties. Snooze fest.

So, I’m going to venture into style posts! I’m still trying to figure out a way to take pictures of my outfits. I’m too self-conscious to venture outside and ask someone (my sister) to take pictures of me. I’ve done it a few times, and I always felt like a doofus. So for today’s outfit, I took a page out of The Pink Diary (see what I did there?) and lay my clothes out on the floor.

If you don’t already follow The Pink Diary, I highly, highly recommend it. I wish I could live in her Instagram feed: each shot is impeccably styled, whether it’s her outfit of the day, her current makeup, what’s on her desk, or other lovely, pretty things. Le siiigh.

keepin' it classy ootd

Everlane v-neck tshirt (personal invite link to Everlane)
Coach sunglasses
Coach Saffiano leather mini satchel
Paige Denim shorts
Cole Haan Jenni buckle flats
Marc Jacobs leather pouch

keepin' it classy fotd

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Corrupt
Korres cheek butter in Eros Coral
Pacifica BB cream
The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine lipstick in 18

Obviously, my life isn’t nearly as fancy nor pretty. I don’t consider myself to be particularly adventurous when it comes to clothes, nor especially stylish. I’d like to be, one day. I actually only started paying attention to what I wore after I finished college. Like many of us, I’m still slowly figuring out my personal style.

Nowadays, I rarely leave my apartment unless it’s for work. Since I have to adhere to a dress code (all black, it’s very boring), I’ve found myself in a bit of a style standstill. When I have a day off and my plans include venturing outside and socializing with other humans, I’m almost paralyzed by the amount of clothing options I have. I don’t even have that much clothes! But I’ve been cycling through the same six pieces for work for so long, that when I suddenly have the freedom to wear whatever the hell I want, I get a little confused.

However, with Tropical Storm Wali causing “an uptick in humidity” I didn’t want to get too fancy with my clothes lest I melt into a steaming puddle on the sidewalk. It’s been so fucking uncomfortable these past few days. The mere thought of putting on clothes is a special kind of torture. I want to go live in my refrigerator.

butter LONDON is on Hautelook!

hautelook butter LONDON

One of my favorite nail polish brands, butter LONDON, is on sale on Hautelook today!

Their formula is a dream to work with and it’s easily my favorite out of all the polishes I own. The only reason I don’t own more is because they’re pricey, at around $15 USD per bottle. But you can nab some today for cheaper, so haaayyy!

I’m very tempted to pick up this set:

butter LONDON Sloane Square set of 2

Sloane Ranger- Set of 2: Fiver and The 444

I was tempted to buy Fiver when it came out. Because mint.

But this is what made my jaw drop and my eyes bug out:

butter LONDON London Calling set of 40

London Calling – Set of 40

Holy Mother of Nail Polish Gods. Is this for real? I’ve wanted at least 5-10 of these at one point and now 40 of them are available in a set? With a cute little display case?

Oh wait, it’s $475.

While I certainly don’t have that kind of money to splash out on nail polish alone, maybe someone in the world does?

EDIT: Busted! You can grab the London Calling set for the same price of $475 on So it’s not really on sale.

Shop the sale here at (personal invite link). Sale ends Thursday, July 24 at 8am PST.

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