I apologize for not having posted anything new for the last nearly two weeks!

The thing is, I’m swamped. Recently, our store in Ala Moana has been getting very, very lean staffing-wise and we’re down to three managers and one sales associate: me. I’ve been working long hours every week because we simply don’t have enough coverage otherwise.

For the next two weeks, our store manager will be away, so I’ve been working overtime. In fact, I had a look at my schedule today and I realized that I’m at the beginning of a long 9 days in a row! Then one day off, and probably another long stretch of days after that.

So, needless to say, my poor blog has fallen by the wayside. It’s a shame because I have so many pictures and products to get through. Sigh.

However, the store manager has recently hired three new people, and two seasonal returnees, so hopefully I’ll get some relief soon. Until then, I won’t be posting until my schedule gets back down to “part-time.”

The upside to all this is that since I’ve spent so much money lately (frivolously; I guess I’m still not over the graduate school fiasco), working 40+ hours a week will help replenish my skinny wallet. I need to find a less expensive way to deal with my discontent. :P

Hope all is well with you!

Red Lips District: Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick Stoplight Red

Last of the three el cheapo lipsticks from the drugstore: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick Stoplight Red!

wet n wild megalast lipstick stoplight red

Stoplight Red is described as a true, blue-based red.

wet n wild megalast lipstick stoplight red swatch

Like the other Wet n Wild lipsticks I own, this is impressively pigmented. It’s hard to believe it’s less than $4!

However, it’s not perfect. It’s dry and it tugs a little during application. Also, the shape of the bullet makes it difficult to apply straight from the bullet. I quickly swiped it on, then used a lip brush to perfect the edges.

wet n wild megalast lipstick stoplight red fotd

Sorry for the side eye, but this was the only picture in which my hair wasn’t completely crazy.

It’s quite similar to Red Velvet. I thought it’d look more blue red, but I still see a touch of pink.

For reference, here are all the red Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks that I own, side by side:

wet n wild megalast lipsticks stoplight red, red velvet, purty persimmon
Top to bottom: Stoplight Red, Red Velvet, Purty Persimmon

You can definitely see the differences between them.

wet n wild megalast lipstick swatches - stoplight red, red velvet, purty persimmon
Top to bottom: Stoplight Red, Red Velvet, Purty Persimmon

Stoplight Red and Red Velvet look almost identical here. Purty Persimmon, however, is clearly quite orange in comparison.

wet n wild red velvet fotd
Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick in Red Velvet. Click for the blog post!

wet n wild megalast lipstick purty persimmon fotd
Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick in Purty Persimmon

Overall, these Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks are fantastic drugstore options if you want a high-impact color. Maybe you want to experiment with a funky color like dark purple or a vampy wine, but you aren’t sure how it’ll look on you. What better way to test the waters than to pay less than $3 for it first before splashing out on a pricier brand? If you hate it, then all you had to sacrifice was a Starbucks latte. :P

Korres is on Hautelook… and the pickings are good.

hautelook korres

Hautelook’s Korres sale started this morning at 8AM PST!

It’s a great sale: a nice mix of skincare and makeup. No body butters or lip butters, though, which is probably what they’re best known for.

They have a cheek butter trio, which includes all the colors (full sized) I talked about in my previous post, for $22. Twenty-two!! For all three! The retail price for these are $25 EACH, so this is an amazing steal! I bought mine for $12 each, so getting all three for $7.33 each makes me so jealous!

Another bizarre thing to note is that these are returnable, which is never the case for makeup from Hautelook. I’m assuming the standard unused, unworn return policy applies, but if you happen to get hit with buyer’s remorse, you can actually return these.

They also have a couple Zea Mays powder blush duo, in Natural/Peach and Rose/Apricot, for $14.

Lastly, they have both Magic Light Contouring Trios in Santorini and Mykonos, for $10 each. I’m always tempted to pick these up because they look so, so pretty in the pan.

However, lately I’ve been spending beyond my means, and I know it’s because I’m trying to buy my happiness after the complete graduate school fiasco and the resulting fallout. It’s time that I focus my energy into finding a solution, which will involve me saving money instead of spending it.

This is a fantastic Hautelook sale, but I will show self-control and refrain from buying things! Look at me, being a responsible adult!

You, however, can check out the sale here and use my personal invite link to sign up, if you like.

Sale ends Sunday, 5 October at 8AM PST.

Korres Cheek Butters: Eros Coral, Philia Rose, and Chara Crimson

korres cheek butters

Oh, blush. How you hold sway over my heart.

I grabbed these Korres Cheek Butters off Hautelook the last time the brand was on sale, in June. I waited for over six months for it to come back after having missed it the previous time. Actually, I was originally only interested in the Zea Mays powder blush in Natural, spawned from this rave review on Temptalia.

But these cheek butters were too intriguing to pass up. I love cream blushes; it’s the ONE product I’ll reach for if I have 30 seconds to fake looking awake and alive. And look at the gorgeous packaging! So when the sale ended and I missed out, I stalked Hautelook obsessively, waiting for these to come back again.

Obviously, I did end up getting them eventually. I even got the powder blush. However, as fate would have it, I’m still not sold on the powder blush and I keep wanting to love it. It just doesn’t do anything for me.

These cheek butters, on the other hand? J’ADORE.

I took the picture above just after I received them, in June. Here’s what they look like now, after a few months of use:

korres cheek butter eros coral philia rose chara crimson

I think it’s obvious who the favorite is. Meet Eros Coral:

korres cheek butter eros coral

I just like pinky corals. They’re so flattering on me, and it makes me look like I’ve just finished a brisk jog. (Which I never, ever do.)

korres cheek butter eros coral swatch

The texture is firmer than any other cream type blush I own. I like to apply this with my fingers, letting it sit in the pot for a couple seconds to melt it down a bit. Then, I tap it onto my cheeks and blend.

There are some reviews saying that this is really hard to blend, but I disagree. Because of the stiffer texture, blending with a swiping motion definitely won’t work. But if you use a soft tapping, bouncing movement with your fingertips, it melts right in.

I recently tried using a stippling brush with these, and I’ve found that it works well enough to apply, but I still prefer to blend it in with my fingers. I feel like I have more control that way.

korres cheek butter philia rose

My second favorite, Philia Rose. This one is the most natural looking, a dusty pink color.

korres cheek butter philia rose swatch

These Cheek Butters work decently enough on the lips, as well. They’re not particularly hydrating, though. If I’m suffering from zombie lips, I dab some color onto my lips, then follow up with a lip balm. There’s also a smell to these, it’s hard to describe. It’s not exactly unpleasant, but I don’t like it on my lips, so this wouldn’t be my first choice if I had anything else for my lips.

korres cheek butter chara crimson

This is Chara Crimson, the least used of the bunch. But it’s not because it’s not pretty. Honestly, I think it just looks scary in the pot, even though it’s really, really not.

korres cheek butter chara crimson swatch

It’s definitely more intense than the other two, but once it’s blended out, it’s the most gorgeous flush. Just start with a little and build up the intensity.

Here they are side by side:

korres cheek butter eros coral philia rose chara crimson swatch

Now, regarding Korres’ cruelty-free status: I was under the impression that they were CF when I bought these. There’s conflicting information regarding this, so I’m not sure how I feel about it. Read about it on this Facebook post.

Personally, I’m going to continue using it.

If you have no qualms about it, Korres will be on Hautelook starting today, Thursday 10/2 at 8AM PST. Here’s my personal invite link, if you’re interested.