There will be a lack of posts (err, more so than usual) for the next few weeks. 

Perhaps I mentioned it here in passing, but if not, here’s the news: I will be moving to London for six months in September. While there, I decided to enroll in a couple of classes, to learn AutoCAD and Adobe InDesign. To be able to take these classes, I need to apply for a student visitor visa. 

I only just started muddling through all the requirements, etc. needed for the visa. I leave for New York on September 18th, and I’ll be flying to London from there. Cutting it a bit close is an understatement. 

While it is entirely my fault for putting it off for so long, it is understandably stressing me the fuck out.  Blogging about new makeup I bought that I really don’t need is not very high on my list of priorities right now! (However, I can’t seem to get out of the headspace of wanting  buy new things, even though I will be moving halfway across the world in less than a month’s time. This is exacerbating my anxiety. Good decisions are not my forte.)

On a related note, I’ve been working on a detailed post about the direction my blog will be going in. With the beauty blogging world so utterly oversaturated, it doesn’t make sense for me to compete with everyone else in the way of swatches and reviews of new releases, and the like. I just end up wasting money and acquiring more things that I neither need nor necessarily enjoy. 

Anyway, wish me luck! Every single time I go to the UK, I’m asked a million questions about the purpose of my visit and when I mention I’m visiting my boyfriend, it’s almost as if alarm bells go off in the border control personnel’s head. I’m probably over thinking the whole thing, but I can’t help but worry about the chances of my visa to be approved. Even then, I would absolutely bet money on the fact that I’ll be given a hard time at customs, again. CUE MASSIVE ANXIETY. 

Little Makeup Joys

Yesterday, I watched a video posted by emilynoel83 of Beauty Broadcast about her little makeup joys. I thought it was so charming and I love the way her face lights up in the video. I can totally relate to those little things about makeup that make you happy.

So, since I’m a bit out of ideas for new and interesting posts, I thought I’d share some of my little makeup joys. :)

1. Freshly washed brushes.

clean brushes

I am not the most militant about applying makeup with clean brushes. I half heartedly wipe off any powder products, especially eyeshadow if I’m going to be using another color. I also make an effort to wipe off creamier products, like concealer or foundation. I do have a quickie in-between-washes cleaner spray, but I’m too lazy and/or in a hurry to bother most of the time. So when I finally get around to washing my brushes (don’t worry, I do it about once a week), it’s a treat to apply the next day’s makeup with fresh brushes.

2. Sharpened pencils.

sharpened pencils

When eyeliner pencils can make my cat-eye wings sharp enough to cut someone, I feel accomplished! I switch up my eyeliners quite often, so I don’t need to sharpen my pencils often, but it’s the WORST when I uncap an eyeliner I haven’t used in awhile to find that it’s super dull.

3. Hitting pan.

hit pan

Like most makeup fanatics, I have way too much makeup. The sight of that little silver glimmer in the middle of a product is like spotting the Loch Ness Monster and realizing all the legends you’ve heard about it is real. It’s the pan! IT DOES EXIST! You’re actually using up some of endless mountains of crap you have!

I also enjoy magnetic lipstick closures, but I only have one lipstick that does this (Sephora + Pantone Universe’s Color of the Year Tangerine Tango). For me, it’s more a fun novelty thing than reveling in a small luxury.

Your turn! What are some of your little makeup joys? Other things mentioned in the video and the comments are retractable brushes, swatching eyeshadows and lipsticks, and peeling the film off a palette’s mirror.

Also, side note: I know she’s pretty much known for this, but does Emily Noel have the perfect news anchor voice or what?? She’s so calming to listen to! I’m super picky and hella snobby when it comes to who I’ll watch on YouTube, and I’m glad I decided to check out her videos.

Mani Monday: Sinful Colors Supernova + Mauvelous

Today’s Mani Monday post is a two-fer. Aren’t you lucky?

sinful colors supernova mauvelousSinful Colors Supernova, Sinful Colors Mauvelous

I picked up these two nail polishes on a whim at Walmart about a month ago. They each looked like great standalone shades, and unique to my collection to justify bringing them home. I also thought they’d pair nicely together.

notd sinful colors supernova mauvelous

Mauvelous is quite a misnomer, though. It doesn’t look mauve in the least. I would describe it as a greyish eggplant color. As gross as that sounds to eat, it’s very chic and lovely on the nails! It’s hard to capture on camera, though.

Supernova, on the other nail (heh), is a flipping gorgeous gold. It’s sparkly, it’s blingy, and I love it. Depending on the light, sometimes it’s warmer, almost a rose gold. Sometimes it’s cold, like a white gold. Who needs jewelry when you have gold nail polish?

In fact, after the usual two days before my nail polish chipped, I took it all off and painted all my nails with Supernova only.

sinful colors supernova swatch

It’s actually still on my nails right now, as I type this! I want to wear this on my nails forever. Unfortunately, its feelings aren’t reciprocal, and it has chipped off into trashy status already.

That’s the only downfall to both of these otherwise beautiful polishes: they don’t last very long. Even on my nails, which seem to magically repel polish, they barely last a full 24 hours before chipping. And I brought out the big guns for both manis: Orly Bonder for my basecoat, and a “gel-like” topcoat (Nail-Aid’s Just Like Gel Top Coat). If these don’t help my nail polish last longer than a blink of an eye, then I don’t know what will.