I’m going on an adventure!

hobbit adventure

But first, I need to pack.

Quickie update! In form of a bullet list because it’s easier to read than a paragraph!

  • My visa went through without any hiccups (but I did pay for expedited service, just in case).
  • I’ve quit my job!
  • I bought a lot of “last minute” makeup that I most likely do not need, at all.
  • Came to the realization that I have a lot more makeup than I thought (and this is probably the case for most of us.) Currently, my packing progress looks a bit like this:

packing mess 2

My desk is usually some form of All Fucked Up, and it looks like this:

packing mess

I very naively thought I could bring all of my makeup, so I could continue blogging while in London, but I’ll have to settle for about half.

I leave for New York City in about 4 days! Adventure is out there!