Hair color update: Manic Panic Purple Haze + Fuschia Shock

Because I know you’re all dying to know what color my hair is now.

It’s actually an awful faded red already. The Manic Panic dye worked really well, but it was a real pain in the ass to do. They’re not joking when they say this stuff stains EVERYTHING, everywhere.

The worst part was washing it out in the kitchen sink with cold water. Our cold and hot water doesn’t mix very well, even when there’s only one faucet. There are really only two temperatures: magma hot and Arctic cold. Now imagine me leaning over the kitchen sink, sticking my head under freezing cold water. Both my head and my back were killing me. All in the name of vanity.

before manic panic

Here’s what my hair looked like before the Manic Panic colors. Faded red that I had periodically refreshed using Henné Colouring Cremes, as documented in this post. It currently looks much more faded and brassy. I hate it, but I’m waiting until I get back to Hawaii to color it again.

manic pani purple haze fuschia shock

I mixed Purple Haze and Fuschia Shock in a 50/50 ratio. By the way, fuchsia is spelled wrong, and I don’t blame them. For the longest time, I could never remember how to spell this word. I finally looked up the etymology of the word (because I’m a nerd like that), and it turns out the plant fuchsia was named in honor a German botanist by the name of Leonhard Fuchs (his surname in German means “fox”.) This makes the spelling of fuchsia so much easier to remember! Dropping some knowledge on y’all. Who said beauty blogs were totally vapid??

ANYWAY. I left the concoction on for about four hours before finally rinsing it out. It took forever and I was super cranky and cold afterward.

after manic panic purple haze fuschia shock

But here’s how it turned out! Pretty, no? It still looks red, and not purple, which is what I was going for. I should have bought a dark blue to throw in the mix as well. Every picture I took registered it as red. That Fuschia Shock really adds a lot of pink.

after manic panic purple haze fuschia shock 2

I’ve mentioned that my hair has already faded back into a gross brassy reddish brown. The color came out rather unevenly, which is to be expected since I can’t see the back of my head.

I want to buy Midnight Blue and add it with the remainder of Purple Haze and Fuschia Shock. My friend Krystal has agreed to help me to apply, so hopefully round two will come out more evenly. Since my stylist Mel already lightened my hair in a great ombré balayage, I want to take full advantage of it and keep coloring my hair until it’s time to cut it all off!

Coffee Sundays, a reboot.

About a year and a half ago, I enthusiastically started a series called Coffee Sundays in which I asked my readers six questions in an attempt to get an open forum chat going in the comments. There are exactly two posts with that tag. Way to go, Jen.

Since switching over to self-hosting, my comments are few and far between. It doesn’t make sense to do something similar now, since it would just be sad. So, instead I’ll post random things, some beauty related, and some not, in an effort to introduce more variety to this blog.

  • Albert got me into listening to podcasts. I like to listen to them while running. It feels like doing two things at once: working out and learning new things.  One of our favorites is called Stuff You Should Know, and they recently did one on how makeup works. I found it fun and entertaining and there were a few tidbits in there that were news to me. You can either click the link above to listen to it on the web, or subscribe on your device and search for the episode.
  • On a  related note, since the episode mentioned the Ancient Egyptians and their use of kohl, check out this video by Lisa Eldridge where she actually gets to see real kohl artifacts and has the incredible opportunity to make some modern day kohl using much of the same materials that would have been used in Ancient Egypt:

  • I mentioned briefly in my “New Year, new me” post that I took up running. I am very happy and proud to say that I finished the 8-week training program and that I can now run comfortably for 30 minutes straight. I’m now working my way up to an hour. Prior to this, I was never able to run for even a mile without stopping, so being able to run about 4.5 km (about 2.79 miles) is a HUGE deal for me. Beauty related: I bought Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow as a reward when I finished. I haven’t used it yet but I’m dying to!!
  • On that subject of running, I thought I’d mention a couple apps that I use: Runmeter, to track the run (distance, time, calories burned, etc.), and Yoga Studio, to stretch afterward. Runmeter is free with the option to pay for no ads, while Yoga Studio costs about $5, but it’s SO WORTH IT. There are tons of different classes that focus on different things: strength, flexibility, balance. Mostly I use the runner’s stretches, but occasionally I’ll do a longer combination session. There are even video blocks so you can create your own classes!
  • I’ve been keeping up with Duolingo (okay, some weeks I completely miss my practice every day), and now I’m 22% fluent in French, HA. I also started Swedish. It’s challenging since up until this point, I’ve only studied Romance languages. But I really enjoy the way Duolingo teaches you, it almost feels like a game.
  • Been sitting here for over an hour and I can’t think of anything else non-beauty related to chatter about, so I’ll just mention my latest craving: Japanese brushes. I really want to buy the Chikuhodo Z4 and Z2 (CDJapan is offering free shipping on makeup brushes until April 25! Tax refund present?), and now that Beautylish has the option of three payments on orders over $100, I want to buy the Wayne Goss Collection set. Send help. Someone talk me out of (or into!) it.

UK Haul, Part 2: Soap & Glory

soap and glory haul

British brand Soap & Glory was never on my radar. The body care line was briefly available at Target, then they were gone. I didn’t even know they had a makeup line until I read this post by Viola of Killer Colours. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: she is my number one enabler. If she mentions a product and it’s easily accessible for me, I immediately put it on my wish list.

As you can see from the picture above, I ended up buying quite a decent selection of products from this line, including: all of the shimmer wheels (Wonderbronze, Peach Party, Love at First blush), a powder highlighter (Glow All Out), a brow pencil (Brow Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush), an eyeliner (Smoulder Kohl), and a mascara (Thick & Fast). This is going to be a long post, so I’ll stick a cut tag in here.

At first, I only bought the Wonderbronze shimmer brick and the Glow All Out powder. Then, Boots was having a sale (this will be a recurring theme), and I picked up the other two shimmer wheels, Peach Party and Love at First Blush. Because, *gotta catch ’em all!*

soap and glory wonderbronze peach party love at first blush

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FOTD: Burn the Heart Out of You

fotd burn the heart out of you

This is another super old FOTD, done when I was back in Hawaii. So, again, while I have the picture of which products I used, I can’t be entirely sure what went where.

Also another YouTube inspired look, this time by the sickeningly beautiful Linda Hallberg:

I have most of the products she used, but I don’t look nearly as stunning. Le sigh.

fotd burn the heart out of you products

fotd burn the heart out of you products 2


Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle liquid foundation – Chestnut Milk Parfait
LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint
Pixi Correction Concentrate – Brightening Peach
BECCA Dual Coverage concealer – Tahini
Rouge Bunny Rouge Flawless Face Powder – 004 Adagio
Shiro Cosmetics Burn the Heart Out of You
NARS blush – Orgasm
Shiro Cosmetics Curaga


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown


NYX lip liner – Never
theBalm Nude ‘Tude palette – Sexy, Sultry, Standoffish
Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Matte palette
Urban Decay Subversion mascara primer
The Body Shop Divide & Multiply mascara
Urban Decay Perversion mascara
Red Cherry individual flare short lashes


Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick – 919B Vamp It Up

fotd burn the heart out of you 2

I rarely use this Shiro Cosmetics contour powder because it’s loose and messy, but I should. Because LOOK AT MY CHEEKBONES. *vanity*

However, the lipstick turned out patchy. Dark lipstick highlights my application shortcomings SO MUCH. I actually gave away this Wet n Wild lipstick to Krystal, since I bought a Sleek MakeUP one that looks very similar, just more sheer.

Mani Monday: butter LONDON Champers

butter london champers

A couple weeks ago, I went to TK Maxx with the intent of buying shirts for running. Of course, I had to make a stop in the beauty section. I found this lone bottle of butter LONDON Champers in an otherwise decimated nail polish section. Despite being quite pricy, butter LONDON is one of my favorite nail polish brands and I always try to get them on sale (or with my former Macy’s employee discount… those were the days!)

butter LONDON Champers is described as an “opaque rose gold shimmer.” To me, it’s not quite rosy enough to be rose gold. Additionally, upon removal, there was quite a bit of microglitter which made the process extra messy. It also chipped VERY quickly on me. Keep in mind that all nail polishes across the board chip rather quickly on me, but this one seemed almost repelled by my nail beds.

Lastly, I don’t think the color is very flattering on my skin tone. I noticed that it made the skin around my nails look a bit red. This might have been due to the fact that my hair color was still bleeding out while washing.

However, when I first pulled it out to swatch, I thought it looked all too familiar to another gold shimmer polish I already have, Sinful Colors Supernova. I decided to do a quick comparison by wearing butter LONDON Champers on my left hand, and Sinful Colors Supernova on my right.

butter london champers vs sinful colors supernova

In the bottle, butter LONDON Champers looks has more red in it. I should compare it to Essie Penny Talk as well. Additionally, the shimmer in Sinful Colors Supernova is more intense.

sinful colors supernova

Here’s Sinful Colors Supernova under the same lighting conditions. It looks so much more flattering on me than Champers. It’s also much cheaper, about $2 at Walmart vs. £4.99 at TK Maxx. Also, I thought Supernova chipped on me quickly, but it actually held on longer than butter LONDON did!! What gives?

I’ll give this polish a try once my hair stops bleeding (that sounds super gross), but I may end up giving it away. The formula is great, but the color doesn’t suit me. Boo.

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