I Heart Makeup – Naked Chocolate Palette

makeup revolution i heart makeup naked chocolate packaging

I bought the I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate palette a couple weeks after the Death by Chocolate palette. When I first discovered these palettes, I told myself I could only get one, but then I fell down a rabbit hole of blog posts and swatches…

makeup revolution i heart makeup naked chocolate packaging box

The I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate palette is designed to look like a melted white chocolate bar. As with Death by Chocolate, the outer cardboard packaging is nothing to write home about. The 3D melted chocolate bar, however, gets me every time! It photographs so well, too.

makeup revolution i heart makeup naked chocolate packaging 2

Drool. (I am not a fan of white chocolate, but that’s totally besides the point.)

The colors in the Naked Chocolate are mostly warm-leaning, with a few cooler shadows here and there.

There is a plastic overlay with the names. Also included is a double-ended foam applicator. Both of these things annoy me, but for some reason I haven’t thrown away either thing yet.

makeup revolution i heart makeup naked chocolate palette

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TopShop Chameleon Glow – Shuffle the Cards

topshop chameleon glow shuffle the cards

I had first heard of TopShop Chameleon Glow – Shuffle the Cards from this Into The Gloss post. At the time, TopShop was only just starting to expand into the US market through Nordstrom, so I didn’t have the chance to really look at it until this year when I was in the UK.

It’s £9, which is a teeny bit spendy for a single eyeshadow, especially from a range I had never tried before. Although I went into TopShop several times while I was in the UK, and I always had a look at it while there (because why not?), I didn’t buy it until one fine day when I was walking along Oxford Street and buying (almost) all the things my heart desired in a frenzied shopping spree.

topshop chameleon glow shuffle the cards 2

TopShop Chameleon Glow Shuffle the Cards certainly lives up to its name as a chameleon. The color changes and shifts depending on the light and the angle, and it’s well-known among beauty bloggers for being impossible to photograph accurately. I’m going to join the chorus here and say that you really need to see this one in person to appreciate its beauty.

It shifts from gold, to amber, to pink. The effect is mesmerizing.

Here are some poor attempts at swatches and photography:

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Throwback Thursday: OPI x Clark+Kensington swatches

opi clark kensington minis

The OPI x Clark+Kensington nail polish collection came out nearly two years ago. I took pictures at the time and never got around to putting a post together until now. So I guess it’s only fitting that it’s labeled as a “throwback Thursday” post (or, “even more evidence that Jen has a hard time following through.”)

ACE Hardware was the last place I expected to find things to paint my nails with. Things to paint my walls with, sure. But nail polish?

opi clark kensington minis 2

This collection cleverly combined my budding interest in interior design with my already existing love for nail polish. This little set was sitting up at the register, alongside three style cards feature interiors with coordinating nail polish colors. I was going through a rough time, so I bought this as a little pick me up.

The colors in this mini set include Can’t Find My Czechbook, I Eat Mainely Lobster, and My Vampire is Buff.

opi clark kensington minis 3

Side note: how does one get a job with a nail polish company as a namer? It looks like so much pun! *ba-dum TISH!*

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Project Pan 2016

Check out my Project Pan goals for 2017 here!

The concept of Project Pan is nothing new in the beauty community, but here’s a quick explanation if you’re not familiar with it. “Pan” refers to the shiny metal tin at the bottom of a compact. So, a Project Pan is where you commit yourself to finishing, or “panning” a set number of products. Different rules apply depending on the person, but the most common is that you’re not allowed to buy anything new until you finish those items.

With my renewed dedication to Operation: Downsize, I’ve decided to gather up a bunch of almost-finished products to get rid of this year. I’m wary of restricting myself completely from anything new until these things are done (Is that cheating? Maybe.), so instead I’ve been on a 30-day no buy that’s unrelated to the Project Pan. I broke it almost immediately when Shiro Cosmetics had their anniversary sale, so I had to push my date back. Whoops.

Anyway, onto the things I want to finish up by the end of the year! I have two categories: cosmetics and other miscellaneous beauty products.

project pan cosmetics

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish powder – I’ve had this for years, and I barely used it. I only just got into the habit of setting my foundation with a translucent powder, and from what I’ve read on other beauty blogs, this jar is endless. I’m hoping to use at least half by the end of the year.

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation in 05 – I used this when I worked at The Body Shop. It’s an okay foundation, but not one I’d purchase if I weren’t working there. In fact, the more I use it, the more I dislike it. It doesn’t wear throughout the day very well. I have another full bottle of this because I thought I’d finish this one before I left the company. Sigh.

BECCA Boudoir Skin mineral powder in Dream – I bought this from Hautelook over two years ago. As you can see, I’m quite close to finishing it up!

Hourglass Veil Mineral primer – This was in my April 2016 empties, so yay.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-One Eye Pencils in Zero and Corrupt – I used to have a ton of these eyeliners. Zero and Corrupt and black and dark brown, respectively, so they’ll probably be the easiest to use up.

NARS blush in Deep Throat – I made a mistake in depotting this blush, because it cracked down the middle and a big chunk of it fell out. I’ve been hemming and hawing over whether or not to replace it. I found a Deep Throat/Laguna duo on eBay and it’s been on my watch list for awhile. I honestly don’t think I’ll finish this before the whole powder falls out of the pan. In fact, since taking this picture, the whole strip on the right of the pan has fallen out already. ITS DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

Benefit Hoola – Mini pans of powder are easier to start with, especially bronzer, which you use over a bigger area of your face. This one has a nice dip in the middle ever since I started using it more deliberately.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N9 – Sephora’s birthday gift two years ago. I used more than half of it, so I can finish it! Determination!

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Gavi – This was a Christmas gift from a co-worker a couple years ago. It’s a nice nude shade and I realized I reached for it a lot.

And now non-makeup things:

project pan others

The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel – I’ve had this forever and it’s been sitting in my fridge. Since I recently started running regularly, I put some on after stretching and it helps my tired muscles. It’s more than half finished now!

The Body Shop Aloe Body Butter – When Albert was here, he got severely sunburned (I know, I know… We should have known better.). I keep this in the fridge pretty much for the sole purpose of treating sunburnt skin, and he used a fair bit of it while he was here. In fact, there isn’t much left and I could probably finish it in a week or so. I just keep forgetting it’s in the fridge.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil – Another gratis product. I really like this one, and I used it twice a day while in London to try and combat my poor dehydrated skin. It’s almost half done, whoo hoo!

butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator – I forget to use this on a regular basis. Trying to get into the habit of using it once a week. I’m not sure if it works all that well, to be honest.

butter LONDON Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil – The two of these came in a set. The oil smells vaguely of pineapple, but I don’t care for it. My mom recently told me her nails and cuticles are super dry, so I’ve actually passed this on to her and I’m using CND Solar Oil instead.

Basin Lip Scrub – My former manager at The Body Shop went on a trip and brought us back little bits and bobs and this was one of them. It smells like pomegranate. Another one that I forget to use because it stays in the fridge. It’s quite oily, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m trying to use it once a week.

Well! I always find it easier to stick to a commitment once it’s been written down. It’ll feel good to finally use up and get rid of these things, I’m sure.

Are you currently working on using something up? Have you ever done a Project Pan before?

March and April 2016 empties

I didn’t post my March empties in a timely manner, so I’m bundling it with April’s empties. Yay for consolidation!

march 2016 london empties

Here are the things I managed to finish before leaving London.

Yes to Cucumbers Calming Night Cream – I have a hard time finding this in stores now! I only ever see the day creams. :(

Yes to Carrots Rich Moisture Day Cream – Nothing good or bad to say about this. It’s just okay. I don’t have sensitive skin so I can use pretty much anything.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water – I used this to cleanse in the morning, and to take off light makeup. I really enjoyed this one, but it’s way more expensive in the States than in the UK. I bought a Garnier one instead. Neither are cruelty free, though. If anyone knows of one, please let me know!

Clean Eau de Parfum – It was a nice, but I don’t think I’ll buy a full size. As I get more into perfume, I like to try as many samples as I can, but also be as discerning as possible before buying a bottle.

Burt’s Bees Pumpkin Spice lip balm – This was limited edition, and I really enjoyed it. Not too waxy, nor too thin. I recently found one on clearance at Target for $1.64 so I bought it despite still having a number of lip balms to go through.

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