Sleek MakeUP – Solstice Highlighting Palette

sleek makeup solstice highlighting palette 3

Among the many things I picked up while in London, highlighters seemed to be a recurring theme. The Sleek MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette is definitely my favorite. I’m not sure why this palette wasn’t included in my Sleek MakeUP haul post, but I suppose I subconsciously knew it was special enough to merit its own post. ;)

It’s been getting a lot of buzz lately from big bloggers and YouTubers, and for good reason. The palette is freakin’ gorgeous. It has four different shades of highlighters: one cream, three powders (two of them baked). See it in action in this video tutorial by the gorgeous Sam of Pixiwoo:

Like most Sleek MakeUP palettes, there is a plastic sheet overlay displaying the names, and an included brush. The brush is absolute crap, I don’t know why they even bothered. It felt like hard, stiff nylon. The bristles were also frayed. I threw it out without bothering to try it.

sleek makeup solstice highlighting palette 2

On the back of the box, they’ve included suggestions for which shade to use where. I appreciate these recommendations, but I also think you can use whichever shade wherever you want. When swatched, there are clear color differences between the four. However, when applied (assuming you’ve blended it sufficiently!) the tonal variations will be more subtle and it’ll come down to personal preference, as well as the other color choices in your makeup.

Ecliptic is the only cream highlighter. The texture is nice, not too mushy or melty. It’s suggested for the browbone. When I used it there, it didn’t blend out as well as I’d like, leaving some patchy areas of concentrated shimmer. However, I have problems with texture on my browbone area; it’s almost constantly dry and flaky. I usually avoid putting anything overtly shimmery there as a highlight and stick to satin-y mattes instead.

Hemisphere is a beautiful lavender-toned highlighter, one of the baked formulas. It’s so stunning, and recommended for the cheekbones. The slight purple tones in this color brightens my complexion so much; I wish it showed up better in my face pictures!

Subsolar is a warm, golden color. It’s quite yellow in tone, but soft and shimmery. This one is recommended for the bridge of the nose.

Equinox is a peachy, apricot-toned color. This color is suggested for the cupid’s bow, an area where I rarely highlight, mostly out of sheer laziness.

sleek makeup solstice highlighting palette swatches

In the face shots below, in the before pictures I am wearing only foundation and concealer. This particular foundation (Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle) is very flat on me. I usually mix it with a bit of liquid highlight to prevent it from looking chalky. However, in order to demonstrate these highlighters, I applied it as is.

sleek makeup solstice highlighting palette before

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I Heart Makeup – Salted Caramel Palette

i heart makeup salted caramel palette

The final chocolate palette in my collection: I Heart Makeup Salted Caramel. I initially wasn’t interested in this one at all, but well… You know how it goes. This is supposedly a Too Faced Semi-sweet Chocolate Bar dupe, but I don’t own it to compare. Here’s a blog post comparing the two, if you’re interested.

This is my favorite packaging of all the chocolate palettes I own from the I Heart Makeup range. The duotone melting chocolate design has the most contrast, and I love it.

However, color-wise, it’s my least favorite palette. There are some individual colors that I like, but I had a hard time coming up with color combinations that suit me. Overall, this palette leans very warm. I think I’m neutral leaning warm in undertone, so that may be why I struggled.

i heart makeup salted caramel names

As with the previous chocolate palettes I reviewed (Death by Chocolate here and Naked Chocolate here), the color schemes can be split down the middle, one theme on the left and the other on the right. The two highlighter/base colors are larger pans, which I think is a nice touch.

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I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Highlighters

heart makeup blushing hearts goddess of faith

These adorable heart-shaped I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Highlighters are recent additions to my collection. I, along with the rest of the makeup obsessed world, have developed quite an (un)healthy appetite for highlighters over these past few months. While in London, I mysteriously amassed a double-digit number of shiny, metallic powders, and I hope this will remind me to not buy any more.

There are three highlighters in this range: Goddess of Love, Goddess of Faith, and Golden Goddess. I have Goddess of Love, which is an icy pink, and Goddess of Faith, which is a shimmery, almost frosty champagne.

The actual name of this product (and the brand) makes it a b*tch to SEO properly. This is only annoying if you’re a fellow nitpicky beauty blogger. However, to make it even more confusing, while the outside square box it comes in will say either Goddess of Faith, Golden Goddess, etc., the actual hearts all say Goddess of Love on the front. It’s only when you flip them over will it say which “goddess” it is. This annoys me A LOT.

heart makeup blushing hearts highlighters goddess of faith

This swatch of Goddess of Faith doesn’t do it justice; it is INTENSE. My guess is that the stubbornly gray London skies were refusing to help me out the day I took pictures.

Despite its high frost shimmer, it blends out easily enough. It’s similar to theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer in its performance on the face.

heart makeup blushing hearts highlighters goddess of faith

I love the 3D heart shape; however, I find the actual cardboard packaging to be really flimsy. Goddess of Faith in particular squeaks around in its packaging and I have half a mind to just de-pot it.

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FOTD: Slowburn

fotd slowburn

All of my FOTD posts lately have been old, so here’s a look that I did today (yesterday by the time this post goes live)!

Since we’re heading into summer, I’ve been digging that freckled, sunburnt look. I’m not about to let myself get sunburnt to achieve that look, and I don’t have freckles naturally, so I’ve created the illusion with makeup. *Magic!*

If my eye makeup looks like they don’t match each other… it’s because they don’t. I wanted to try out two different versions to see which one I like better. My right (reader’s left) has a subtle smoked out eyeliner and plain ol’ mascara on my lashes, and the other side has a wash of sheer golden eyeshadow and a lot of individual falsies.

fotd slowburn L


fotd slowburn R

You can see here that my nose is quite flakey. :( I think the skin on my nose is dehydrated and I been trying to repair the moisture barrier using this method, mostly by putting on a sleeping mask containing hyaluronic acid at night and avoiding my usual chemical exfoliants.

I like to think the flakey skin on my nose enhances the illusion of a sunburn. It’s not cute, but maybe it lends more authenticity? Or am I delusional?

fotd slowburn face productsfotd slowburn eye products

The reason I used two different foundations is not because I mixed them to create a better color match or formula. I simply had a brain fart and was originally using The Body Shop one, and when I needed more, I accidentally grabbed the Bourjois. D’oh.


The Body Shop Moisture Foundation – 05
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – 52 Vanilla
Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer – Light Neutral
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome – 03
Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish powder
NARS blush – Exhibit A
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – Radiant Light
freckles: Soap & Glory Brow Archery – Hot Chocolate


Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Matte palette – 9, 12
Collection Colour Lash mascara – clear

Right eye

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil – Demolition
Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Duo Eye Shadow – A Major – fis Minor
Wet n Wild ColorIcon single – Brulee
Boots No. 7 Velvet Lash mascara

Left eye

theBalm – Jet-setting Jennifer
Wet n Wild ColorIcon single – Brulee
Ardell DuraLash Knot-Free Naturals – Short Black
Boots No. 7 Velvet Lash mascara


Urban Decay Sheer Revolution lipstick – Slowburn

Which eye makeup do you like better? I personally like the look of the falsies better, but putting on that many individuals was time consuming and I got bored. Maybe I should try either a half strip, or trio clusters?

May 2016 empties

may 2016 empties

Time for some trash talk!

Some things I managed to finish last month:

Nature Republic Green Tea Real Nature Aqua Gel mask – I’m very skeptical of products labeled as “all natural”, and “real nature” is no exception. Still, it was a nice, relaxing mask. No idea if it did anything other than add extra moisture, but I didn’t expect it to anyway.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz – I used this after powder makeup, and it worked well when I was in London, However, when I used it here, it made my face oily and sticky. It did have a nice smell, though, like freshly cut carrots. Overall, it didn’t wow me so I won’t be repurchasing.

The Body Shop Aloe Body Butter – I finally used this all up after years of sitting in my fridge. It worked well to soothe and rehydrate angry, sunburnt skin.

e.l.f. fan brush – This brush is too floppy and the bristles are too long to be useful. It doesn’t flick away powder fallout well, and it barely applies anything when used for highlighter. Skip.

e.l.f. Shine Eraser oil blotting sheets – On the other hand, these work well and are super cheap. I’ve gone through multiple packs of this. I won’t be including them in future empties posts.

KISS Looks So Natural lashes in Hot – These were just okay. I cut them in half to make them easier to apply and I’m sure I could reuse them a few more times, but I’ve since bought other lashes that are easier to work with and I had to make room for them. So, out these go!

may 2016 makeup empties

e.l.f. Eyeshadow & Eyeliner in Beauty, Beast – I bought these limited edition shades with the promise to myself that I’d write about them on the blog. Well, here they are! Womp womp. The formula was pretty good, albeit a bit melty. Last summer was a scorcher though, so that probably was a factor. I really liked Beast, the taupe color. So why am I throwing these out? They started to smell rancid.

Laura Geller Off With It makeup remover – This is a sort of empty. My sister left it behind in the bathroom’s medicine cabinet and there was less than a fourth of it left. I used it up for her so we could clear out some space.

Shiro Cosmetics tinted lip balm in Why Not Zoidberg? – I love this color so much! Unfortunately, the formula got weird and melty, with odd little bumps. As a result, it was quite difficult to apply without a lip brush and I never reached for it. I hope to find something similar one day.

tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Tint in Exposed – This was given to me by a friend. The color was just okay, and the packaging was starting to get sticky. Since it was technically free, and I have other nude lipsticks that I like better, this one got the boot.

Prestige Waterproof Lipliner in Diva – One of the first lipliners I ever bought. Also one that I never, ever used. It started to smell like crayons, so I cleared it out.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil – Another lipliner that I never reached for.

Julie G nail polish in Canary Islands – The formula got thick and sticky, even after I added nail polish thinner, several times. The color isn’t as flattering on me as I’d like.

Sephora by OPI in Already Famous – One of my favorites. The mini bottle is more than half empty, and I’ve since found Sinful Colors in Supernova, which I like better.

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 2 Cool Medium – I know, I bought this not too long ago. However, it oxidizes like crazy and looks straight up peachy. Not a great color match. I wish this line had a better range of colors, because the coverage on this was seriously impressive.

NARS blush in Deep Throat – Just as I predicted, the entire blush cake fell out of the pan. I’m still hemming and hawing over whether to buy a replacement duo with Laguna off eBay, but given the size of my blush stash, I never need another blush again for the rest of my life.

VS Beauty Rush Wet/Dry shadow in Gold Rush – I grabbed this from my sister when she was going to get rid of it. It’s a very pretty color if not unique, but it’s not very pigmented. I kept forgetting that I even had this.

I haven’t been doing very well in sticking to my no-buy. I keep breaking it to buy little things here and there. However, I am getting ready to do my very first blog sale, to get rid of some gently used, neglected items that I think deserve some love. If anyone has any tips, especially how to price, what to charge for shipping, shipping supplies, and PayPal procedures, please let me know!

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