Now in the U.K., more or less permanently!

*pokes everyone*

Hiya! I arrived in London last week Wednesday! Since this was The Big Move, I’ll be blogging from the UK (and the UK timezone) from now on. Not that anyone was scrutinizing at what time my posts would go up, but there you go.

Once I get my life in order (okay, yeah right… let’s shoot for barely functioning order, I feel like that’s more achievable and realistic), I’ll start posting again.



We arrived back in Hawaii on Friday night. As usual, my plans to either schedule posts while I was gone, or work on posts while in London didn’t happen. I am probably the laziest blogger in the world. Sigh.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a quick and dirty post of the beauty things I brought back. It’s always fun to look at the stuff we can’t get easily in the States!


Stopped by KIKO and picked up a clear lip liner to replace the Urban Decay one that dried out. Also bought two more of their Long-lasting Eyeshadow sticks, in a matte black and a matte greige taupe.

My friend wanted the gorgeous TopShop Chameleon eyeshadow in Shuffle the Cards, and who can blame her? I swatched another Chameleon color called Changeling, and it had to come home with me. It’s the prettiest purple-green-pink shift!!

My mom and I both bought a Bourjois foundation. I picked up the Healthy Mix in the shade 53, to mix with the Healthy Mix Serum I have in 52, which is currently too light for me. Since we spent over £12 on Bourjois, Superdrug was having a promotion and gave me a free GWP. I don’t normally wear gray smoky shades, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

As you can see, I kept the number of items to a minimum. However, that doesn’t mean I kept the spending to a minimum, because…


Yep. I bought the unicorn Suqqu Cheek Brush. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the brush Lisa Eldridge uses in practically every single video. It’s stupid expensive and hard to get a hold of. I can’t even really afford it right now. I was content to put it on my wish list and buy it eventually, one day… But since the pound is so weak (sorry guys), and I’m still eligible to claim back the VAT, I took the plunge. I almost bought two, but told myself I was being crazy (still not entirely convinced that was the right decision).

I’ve used it a few times, unwashed, and it is so wonderfully soft. It picks up and blends color effortlessly. I washed it tonight, and put a brush guard on it, so I’m hoping it’ll fluff out a bit, but not too much. Much excite!

Last, but not least, something rather exciting happened on the plane ride back from London. I spotted one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Linda Hallberg, on the same flight! I had read on her blog and her Instagram that she was heading to Hawaii, but imagine my surprise when I saw her walk by on the plane during boarding!

I thought at most she’d post pictures of places I’d recognize in Honolulu and Oahu, but instead, at baggage claim, after two very long flights, I went up to say hi to her. She was very humble and sweet and agreed to take a quick selfie with me.

If you don’t already follow Linda, check out her blog, her YouTube channel, and her Instagram page. There is no limit to her creativity and talent; she’s so inspiring!

So anyway. Now I’m home, and it’s time to try to shuffle my life into some sort of productive order. Hello, December.

What’s in my travel makeup bag? September 2016


I’m back!!

Well, I’ve been home for almost three weeks now, but as I am practically incapable of behaving like a functioning adult, I am only getting around to reviving my poor blog now-ish. Heh.

I was away from my makeup stash for most of the month of September. First, I went on a trip to Asia with my dad. I came back to Hawaii for a few days and stayed at my uncle’s place while waiting for our bathroom renovation to wrap up. Then, I spent a weekend in Las Vegas for my cousin’s wedding. When we finally moved back in, it took awhile to sort our lives back in order. It’s still not 100% sorted out, but whose life really is, amirite?

Anyway! This post is on what was in my travel makeup bag that I used for the past month. Let’s see what made the cut.

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On the road again…

Hey! I arrived back in Hawaii from Asia on Saturday. However, our bathroom renovation isn’t finished yet, so I’m still living out of a suitcase. Additionally, I’ll be heading to Las Vegas on Thursday for my cousin’s wedding reception. It’ll be awhile until I’m able to post regularly again!

Naturally, I wanted to BUY. ALL. THE. SKINCARE. THINGS. in Korea, but since I know next to nothing about Asian skincare (and I’m pretty broke, heh), I only picked up a few makeup items.

Also, one day during a long tour bus ride in Taiwan, I impulse bought some things from the ColourPop x Jenn Im collection. It literally had my name on it and I couldn’t resist.

Looking forward to putting pretty things on my face again! It was sinfully hot in Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, so most days I only slathered on sunscreen and slapped a bare minimum of makeup on my face.

Hope you all are well. :)

Back in Hawaii

Hey friends. I know I’ve been quiet for the past two weeks. I arrived back in Honolulu on Friday, 25 March with Albert.

We’ve been taking it easy here, even staying on a farm through Air BnB over the weekend — so relaxing! Unfortunately, Albert leaves tonight. The sun is setting on our six uninterrupted months together and they flew by way too fast.

Anyway, I’ve updated the reading and writing settings to reflect Hawaiian Standard Time, if anyone cares about why my posts be going up at a different time now.

Hope you’ve all been well! To keep this post beauty related, how many of you are picking things up during the Sephora spring sale? 15% off for VIB Rouge (ROUGENOTE) and VIB (VIBNOTE) and 10% for BI (BINOTE). Ends 12 April for BI, 13 April for VIB/Rouge.

I’ve demonstrated remarkable restraint and only picked up an eyebrow brush, a Beauty Blender, a mini coffret fragrance trio, and an Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in Solstice because sparkles. I’m eyeing a few more things (of course), and I plan to go in-store on Sunday to pick up a concealer and a liquid lipstick for a friend, so fingers crossed that I will maintain my self-control!