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Now that I have a few posts up, Bloglovin’ recognizes this URL as a legit blog. Oh yeah! Movin’ on up in the blogosphere!

While I do occasionally follow blogs using the WordPress reader, I much prefer Bloglovin’. A lot of blogs use Bloglovin’, and as such, most blogs will have a follow on Bloglovin’ button, which makes it easy to follow non-WordPress blogs! I also like that you can sort blogs into groups, which really helps when my list of unread posts reach beyond four digits.

The latest feature that’s been added is personal profiles! So you can follow the person behind the blog, and check out the blogs they follow and posts they’ve liked. Great way to find new blogs!

They also have a mobile app, which is pretty useful!

Care to Follow my blog with Bloglovin? How do you manage your blog subscriptions?

NOTD: Happy Easter Sunday!


I got the idea for this mani at least two weeks ago, and I’m so glad it’s finally time to show it off!

Colors used:
Essie Mint Candy Apple
Julie G Fairytale
Milani Yellow Whiz (I hate this polish; it says one coat formula, and that is a HUGE LIE. It’s streaky as hell, and I used three coats and it still looks like crap. I only kept it to do this mani, and now it’s in my empties pile.)

Essie Blanc (dots)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Black Satin (eyes)
Sephora by OPI Fiercely Fabulous (beak)

I also used NYC’s Matte Me Crazy mattifying top coat for the “eggs”.

Kissing bunnies ring holder is from Charlotte Russe, but I bought it ages ago. Not sure if they still have it.

Chocolate eggs are from See’s Candies. I hope you get some candy to enjoy today!

Happy Easter!

Hello world!

Welcome to Coffee Sundays! I’m Jen, and I’ve been a sort-of beauty blogger for about 4 years. I am about to graduate to an actual, bona fide blogger now! I used to blog on (site now set to private), which used to be before I bought the domain, and even before that it used to be called (I like to think that my blog names and URLs have improved over the years, ha!) In fact, I’ve been here on WordPress for so long that “Hello world!” used to be the default title on the first post they’d help you get started on.

However, I was never a very diligent blogger. After years of false starts and months with little to no posts, all the while making excuses for slacking off, I felt that I needed a completely blank slate. I was in between emptying my current site and starting again, or coming up with a completely new blog name. On a whim late one night, I was searching for available domain names. I finally came up with Coffee Sundays. Coffee is a wonderful thing; even the word itself evokes warm fuzzy feelings for me. Also, coffee flavored sundaes and coffee flavored Sundays are delicious ways to enjoy life!

For those of you who have clicked here through my old blog and decide to follow me here, a big thank you and a virtual hug for sticking with me and putting up with my crap. For those of you who have found me all on your own and decide to follow me based on this one introductory post, an even bigger thank you, because even I don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into! But with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, I hope it will be, at the very least, fun and worth our while. :) Nice to meet you!