February/March 2017 empties

Yay, empties!

In February, I only used up a mascara. I didn’t think it was worth writing an entire post on one item, so I grouped it in with March’s empties.

There was a lot this month, but I still have plenty to get through!

Makeup empties

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation & Concealer sampler card – There was only enough product for a jawline swatch for color-matching purposes. None of the colors matched me. I’m not even remotely interested in learning more about this foundation or trying a larger sample. Sorry, Smashbox.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara – I finished this in February. I really like this mascara. It smudged a bit in the beginning, but as the formula dried out a bit, it became perfect. I’d consider repurchasing this. I’ve seen it at the Keeamoku Walgreens and Salt Lake Target, for any Oahu readers who are curious about the UK brand.

Innisfree Natural Oil Control paper – Picked this up in Korea over the summer. I had run out of my e.l.f. ones. These are pretty decent, and I like the dispenser. However, all blotting papers perform are more or less equal in my eyes, so I’ll just use whatever’s available.

Atelier Cologne Mandarine Glaciale – I really liked this fragrance. It was juicy and fresh. It’s spicier than the company’s other citrus offering, Orange Sanguine. I wouldn’t mind a mini of this one day. Here’s the Fragrantica page on Mandarine Glaciale.

Skincare empties

The Body Shop tea tree oil – I’ve been using this for years. Although I said I wouldn’t be including it in future empties, this was a jumbo size and it feels like a bigger accomplishment? Plus, I’m trying to get rid of as many extras and backups as possible before the big move. I still have way too much stuff.

Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash (And the longest product name in the world goes to…) – I’ve had this bottle for years. It’s supposed to be a deep clean product: you slather it on your skin and let it sit for a few minutes before washing off. It did a good job of bringing any gunk in my pores to the surface, and it also worked well for any flakiness. However, when I say deep clean, I mean DEEP. My skin felt squeaky after this — too clean. It definitely strips everything off and I had to moisturize almost immediately after stepping out of the shower. The consistency of the product was weird too, kind of goopy and runny at the same time. I wouldn’t buy it again.

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – I love this makeup remover. It gets off every last bit of foundation, mascara, eyeliner, you name it. The only gripe I have with it is the packaging. The pump leaks, and it gets messy. I actually prefer the solid cleansing balm, because the results are the same but the product is neater. Still, I’d repurchase this if the balm happens to be sold out (which is why I bought this one in the first place).

Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover – This is a pretty standard bi-phase makeup remover. It does its job and doesn’t leave a film around the eyes.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil – I really like this oil. This was a gratis when I was still working there. I’ve already bought another one. First, I spray a face mist, which helps this oil to spread better. Then, after it absorbs, I pat on some moisturizer.

Bodycare empties

This is kind of a creepy picture. I also used up a jumbo shower gel, and a body butter, both from The Body Shop. Not sure why I only decided to include this one? Whatever.

Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Peeling Foot Mask – The first time I used this, a lot of dead skin peeled off. It was both gross and satisfying. But the past few times I’ve used this, I didn’t get as much peeling. So, it was mostly gross but less satisfying. I want to try the Baby Foot one next.

What have you used up last month?

March and April 2016 empties

I didn’t post my March empties in a timely manner, so I’m bundling it with April’s empties. Yay for consolidation!

march 2016 london empties

Here are the things I managed to finish before leaving London.

Yes to Cucumbers Calming Night Cream – I have a hard time finding this in stores now! I only ever see the day creams. :(

Yes to Carrots Rich Moisture Day Cream – Nothing good or bad to say about this. It’s just okay. I don’t have sensitive skin so I can use pretty much anything.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water – I used this to cleanse in the morning, and to take off light makeup. I really enjoyed this one, but it’s way more expensive in the States than in the UK. I bought a Garnier one instead. Neither are cruelty free, though. If anyone knows of one, please let me know!

Clean Eau de Parfum – It was a nice, but I don’t think I’ll buy a full size. As I get more into perfume, I like to try as many samples as I can, but also be as discerning as possible before buying a bottle.

Burt’s Bees Pumpkin Spice lip balm – This was limited edition, and I really enjoyed it. Not too waxy, nor too thin. I recently found one on clearance at Target for $1.64 so I bought it despite still having a number of lip balms to go through.

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Inventory, London 2015/2016 – Makeup Brushes

I debated whether or not to include brushes as part of my inventory. But it feels like cheating if I don’t, like brushes get a free pass. I quite like brushes, and I like to collect them. I’ve also bought a few more in the time I’ve been here, so I need to hold myself accountable.

inventory london 2015 face brushes

Face brushes

Crown Brush – blush brush (I use this for foundation)
Crown Brush – ??? I think it’s technically called a contour brush, but I use it to buff out concealer.
Both of these were part of a HD set I bought on Hautelook.

Real Techniques Core Collection – buffing brush, contour brush, small foundation brush
Real Techniques blush brush
Real Techniques setting brush

e.l.f. Studio small stipple brush

inventory london 2015 eye brushes

Eye brushes

Crown Brush – eyeshadow brush, crease brush (same HD set)
Crown Brush – smudge brush (part of a different, larger set that actually kind of sucked overall)

Smashbox #3 blending brush – I love this thing so, so much.
Smashbox #31 precision concealer brush

e.l.f. concealer brush – Another favorite. Dirt cheap and super useful.
e.l.f. blending eye brush

e.l.f. Studio angled eye liner brush – The bristles are starting to splay on this one. I wanted to try the Real Techniques silicone liner brush for gel liner instead, but the price kept going up on Amazon when I made my last order, so I’m holding off for now.
e.l.f. Studio small smudge brush

Sigma E30 pencil brush, travel size – The only brush to survive from a really nice travel kit my friend Krystal bought me one year. :( I left the set with my boyfriend in London and when I came back several months later, he had had bugs in his room. They ate holes through his clothes, and chewed on some of the bristles of my brushes.

ecoTools smudge brush

MAC 266 – My one and only MAC brush. I was using it for brow pomade, and before that, gel/cream eyeliners. But I think it’s best suited for powder products, due to its natural bristles.

Sephora Professionnel medium shadow brush – This line has since been discontinued. In fact, I got it on sale as they were phasing this line out. It’s still one of my favorite brushes today.

Sonia Kashuk ??? crease brush – This line has also been revamped. To be honest, I don’t love this brush. It’s okay, but it’s just slightly off in size and density to be of much use to me.

Sephora Professionnel brow comb – If you don’t already use a metal comb for your lashes, you need to start doing so, right now. You will never go back to crappy plastic combs.

Sonia Kashuk spoolie

Real Techniques detailer brush

inventory london 2015 travel brushes

Travel brushes

ecoTools mini eye makeover set

The Body Shop face puff

Nordstrom retractable lip brush

ecoTools retractable kabuki brush

Side note: I’ve recently gotten addicted to checking MakeupAlley’s makeup boards (late to the game, much?). Someone mentioned using a microfiber cloth to wipe off brushes as a spot clean in-between washes. I gave it a try, and I was STUNNED at how well it worked! So much pigment came out! This is a game changer, especially for my blush brushes. I would only do this for powder products, though.

Inventory, London 2015/2016 – Eyeshadows

inventory london 2015 eyeshadow palettes


Pixi Shades of Taupe quad


Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral mattes

Wet n Wild Color Icon Smoke and Melrose

Sonia Kashuk duo 25 Bite the Dust

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in 01 Bronze (doubles as a bronzer)

inventory london 2015 eyeshadow singles


Smashbox Muse Biscuit

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bohemian Waxwing
Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird

Kat Von D Lucifer
Kat Von D Leather

The Body Shop Colour Crush eyeshadow in 220 Chocolate Linger (I use this more as a contour than an eyeshadow.)

inventory london 2015 eyeshadow pencils

Eyeshadow pencils

Sephora Jumbo liner 12HR wear in 03 Grey
Sephora Jumbo liner 12HR wear in 04 Taupe
Sephora Jumbo liner 12HR wear in 05 Beige

I very foolishly bought ALLLLLL the Sephora jumbo crayons one year during their Friends & Family sale. These are the only three that I really use.

inventory london 2015 loose eyeshadows

Loose shadows

Shiro Cosmetics I Survived the Apocalypse (And All I Got Was This Awesome Eyeshadow)
Shiro Cosmetics Cheshire Cat
Shiro Cosmetics I Tried

Shiro Cosmetics Moon Prism Power
Shiro Cosmetics Doge
Shiro Cosmetics F Bomb!

Shiro Cosmetics Nightfury
Shiro Cosmetics Aurora Borealis

Barry M Dazzle Dust in 51 Mushroom

Shiro Cosmetics Baker’s Boy
Shiro Cosmetics Remake
Shiro Cosmetics Mockingjay
Shiro Cosmetics Beyond the Fence
Shiro Cosmetics Star-Crossed

Shiro Cosmetics Lingered in Twilight
Shiro Cosmetics Riddles in the Dark
Shiro Cosmetics Alkahestry
Shiro Cosmetics Mother of Dragons
Shiro Cosmetics He Loves His Hammer

I really ought to branch out to other indie brands. I’ve had my eye on Aromaleigh, Hello Waffle, Phee’s Makeup Shop… But that’s rather counterproductive to DOWNSIZING. Ahem.

inventory london 2015 loose eyeshadow samples

Loose shadows samples

Shiro Cosmetics Gift of Toadstool
Shiro Cosmetics It’s Mine. I Licked It.
Shiro Cosmetics Hodor

Shiro Cosmetics Extermination
Shiro Cosmetics Rebellion
Shiro Cosmetics Dammit Moon Moon

Shiro Cosmetics Shinigami (Haha, I realized I misspelled the label.)
Shiro Cosmetics TARDIS
Shiro Cosmetics Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon

Shiro Cosmetics Farewell, Wherever You Fare
Shiro Cosmetics When the Thrush Knocks
Shiro Cosmetics King Under the Mountain

What’s in my travel makeup bag?

I’m currently in London, England, visiting my boyfriend, Albert!

It’s been over a year since I’ve traveled this far, and I was pretty wiped out yesterday. (It takes about 20+ hours to get here from Honolulu.) Today, however, I managed to put some effort into my appearance. I also took advantage of the rare appearance of the sun in the UK, as well as Albert’s lovely large windows to take some pictures for the blog.

Since I’ll be away from my sizeable makeup stash for two weeks, I thought I’d show you what I brought along to make myself presentable while on vacation!

travel makeup bag

Behold, my cheeky little makeup bag. My friends got me this squishy train case a few years ago for Christmas, and I always use it when I travel. It has slots in the lid for makeup brushes, as well as three side pockets along the inside edges. It’s just the right size: I can bring several options, but it’s small enough so it limits the urge to BRING ALL THE THINGS.

all travel makeup


Here’s what I brought for makeup! I kept it to one 4U sized Z palette, and brought mostly stick type makeup things which I bound together with a Lucky Gum hair tie.

Tarte Gifted mascara
Becca Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder in Dream

4U Z palette
Wet n Wild Color Icon Single – Nutty
Smashbox Muse palette – Biscuit
Kat Von D – Lucifer, Leather
Urban Decay – Mushroom
Benefit Hoola
Smashbox Muse Blush Rush – Masterpiece
Too Faced Snow Bunny
Sonia Kashuk A Kiss on the Cheek palette – #4
NARS concealer – Custard

Z palettes are great for traveling. I’ve been depotting a lot of my products over the years, to save space, so when I need to pack, I can customize my own palette vs. bringing a lot of small compacts, etc. I don’t think they make the 4U size anymore, but a quick look on their website shows that they have a “Medium” size, which is probably similar?

stick makeup


Stick type things! The less brushes, the better!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils – Rockstar, Corrupt
Sephora Brand Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear – 04 Taupe
Bite Beauty Luminous Créme Lipstick mini Duo – Palomino, Violet
NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Cruella
e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
The Body Shop Brow Definer – 03 Dark Brown
The Body Shop Lightening Touch – 03

travel makeup brushes


Makeup brushes

e.l.f. concealer
Nordstrom retractable lip
Too Faced Flatbuki
ecoTools mini eye brush set (mine is the older version, the newer one comes in a pouch)
Sigma large angled contour F40, travel sized
Sonia Kashuk No. 127 spoolie
ecoTools retractable bronzer

travel makeup tools


Miscellaneous makeup tools

Conair bobby pins – I’m not sure why I packed this, I rarely do my hair. Mystery!
BrushEgg brush cleaner
Dr. Bronner’s liquid castille soap
Sonia Kashuk eyelash curler
Tweezerman tweezers
Urban Decay Grindhouse pencil sharpener

travel nail polish


Nail polish

I painted my nails prior to leaving, but since nail polish rarely lasts more than 2 days on me, I brought stuff to change it up.

butterLONDON P.D. Quick top coat
butterLONDON Nail Foundation base coat
The Body Shop almond nail polish remover
Sephora by OPI Just a Little Dangerous
OPI… I have no idea what this is called. I thought I labeled it, but I was wrong. Oops.

travel perfume


Two little perfume samples!

Beach Walk by Replica by Maison Martin Margiela
Tory Burch… I think this is called “My First Fragrance” or something unimaginative like that.

purse stuff


Lastly, my purse emergency kit. This is always in my bag, no matter what. Once I started compartmentalizing all my little things, it’s much much easier to switch handbags without worrying whether or not I have lip balm, or whatever.

purse stuff contents


ecoTools blotting papers – These are great, you can find them at Target for $1.
Sephora compact mirror
Alice in Wonderland Enchantmints – I bought this for the cheeky packaging.
Sephora mini glass nail file
Burt’s Bees lip shimmer – Fig
Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer – Vampire Blood
Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream, mini
pot of The Body Shop body butter, to use as hand cream
nail clippers

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m probably the least glamorous person, ever. My tendency is to look like I’ve never heard of a shower before. Whenever I travel, I always feel like I looked more ragged than usual, because I don’t have my usual arsenal at my disposal. But I try, nevertheless!

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